This breathtaking water is the second largest freshwater body in Cumbria, 8.9 sq km, over 7 miles long and 0.5 mile wide. Ullswater holds exceptional Perch stocks to Specimen size, famous for containing the endangered and protected Schelly, an ancient whitefish said to have been trapped in glacial waters resulting from the ice age. There are reliable reports of Pike, however sightings are exceptionally rare, Perch seem to be the apex predator in Ullswater and likely the reason why Pike have struggled to gain a foot hold here.

The best of the fishing for wild Brown Trout is from March through to late June with the mayfly hatch being the highlight of the relatively short season and good numbers of Perch which can be caught all year round. The water can be fished from the bank in one or two areas, notably along parts of the western shore, to make the most of fishing this vast body of water, a boat and engine are essential. Unfortunately very few suitable boats are available for visitors, those few that are available come at a cost and as a result most angling activity on the lake is carried out by locals fortunate enough to have their own craft – and they are not easy to bribe.

Fly fishing for wild Brownies using Traditional loch style is the most productive approach with the favoured drifts being over the shallower areas and close to the shoreline. Deeper water is generally unproductive. Regulars have their own preferences, as a visitor you won’t go far wrong using standard loch style patterns. The trout are fairly willing and probably average just over half a pound with a fish or two around the pound mark in most bags. Trout over a pound and a half are rarer, although they do turn up from time to time. In most years the trout fishing slows markedly once the mayfly is over.

Perch fishing is best done using simple feeder with worm or maggot hook-bait when fishing from the bank, the jetty at Howtown is reputed to have produced some good specimen fish and should produce numerous smaller fish once the shoals move in, most fish are 4-8oz size however specimens to over 3lb’s are regularly caught. Boat fishing lures or float fished worm, even small dead-baits in winter should be productive. Your safety is paramount, maps and safety advice are available online and should be adhered too, Ullswater is a stunning beautiful water that can become hazardous when the weather changes. Stay up to date and stay safe to ensure you have an enjoyable days fishing here.

If you would like to enjoy some guided fishing on Ullswater, please call Neil 07973752204 to arrange this for you.

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